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Curriculum Vitae

1942        Born Rugby, Warwickshire, England.

1969-71  Workshop Pottery course at Harrow School of Art.

1972         Sets up workshop in London with the aid of a Crafts Council grant.

1972-87  Part-time tutor Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts London.

1980        Awarded John Ruskin Bursury Guild of St. George

1981-96  Tutor Royal College of Art London.

1984        Designer for Dartington Pottery Devon

1985         Designs ‘Waterleaf’ textile collection for Designers Guild, London.

1986         Designs for ‘Next Interiors’ ceramic collection.

1987         Fellow of the Royal Collage of Art.

1988         Manchester Prize for Art in Production: 1st. Prize for Dart (Dartington). Leopard design.

                  Support for Design Bursury (Design Council for D.T.I.)

                 Winner Radio 4 Enterprise Award. ‘Small Business of the Year’ 

                 Dart Pottery.

1989        Curator ‘Colours of the Earth’ British Council touring exhibition,India 1991-92

1991         Consultant, Goa You Porcelain Factory, Jiangsu Province, Peoples Republic of China.

1992-92 Consultant ‘Blue Factory’ Yixing,and Qidong, Peoples Republic of China.

1992-94  External Examiner Manchester Metropolitan University, Fac. Art and Design.

1994-95  New designs for Dartington Pottery with Spitting Image.

1994-95  Research designs Royal Doulton Stoke on Trent.

1994-95  New designs Poole Pottery Dorset.

1995-98  External Examiner Bath College of Higher Education.

1998-00  External Examiner, BTEC, National Diploma in Design London Institute Camberwell.

1998-00  Lecturer 3D Design, K.I.A.D.

1999-03  External Examiner, Demontfort University, Leicester.

2000        Curator, ‘Ceramica Britannica’ British Council touring exhibition Brazil.

2001         Winner Laura Ashley Fellowship.

2001-02  Designs for Nicholas Mosse Pottery Ireland.

2002-03  New designs for Dartington Pottery and Poole Pottery.

2005-06  Selector,’ New Designers, Business Design Centre.

2006-12  Queensberry/Hunt Designs.

2015         Tableware designs Poole Pottery.

                  New designs for Royal Staffordshire Manufactory.


Publications and Films

2007        Ten Thousand Years of Pottery Emmanuel Cooper Uni. Pennsylvania Press.

2005         ‘Still Spitting at Sixty’ Roger Law. Harper- Collins.

2004         ‘Private View’ Tricia Guild, Quadrille Publishing.

2000         Sources of Inspiration, Crafts Magazine, 165 July/Aug.

1999          The Crafts of Britain in the 20th.c. Tanya Harrod , Yale Univ. Press.

1999          Who’s Who ,( entry ) A & C Black Publishing.

1998          Ceramic Review, No. 169 review.

1996          ‘William Morris Revisited’, Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester, catalogue.

1996          Artists’ Stories, AN Publications.

1996         ‘Modern Antiques’ Richard Dennis Gallery, London.

1995          The Complete History of Pottery in Britain. Garth Clark, Phaidon.

1993          A Complete Potters Companion. Tony Birks, Conran/Octopus.

1992          A Nasty Piece of Work.; The Art and Craft of Spitting Image. Roger Law, Booth-Clibbon, Editions.

1992          Janice Tchalenko, Ceramics in Studio, Bellew Publishing.

1992          Exhibition review, Crafts No. 116 (May/June).

1992          Talking Pots, Ceramic Review, No. 135 ( May/June).

1991          Tricia Guild on Colour, Tricia Guild, Conran/Octopus.

1991           ‘Colours of the Earth’, British Council, catalogue.

1991           Works in Clay, Crafts No. 108 ( Jan/Feb).

1991           International Crafts, Ed. Martina Margets, Thames & Hudson.

1990         ‘Daytime U.K.’ BBC1 , Nov. 21

1990         Table Talk, Crafts, No. 107, (Nov./Dec).

1990         British Studio Pottery, Oliver Watson, Victoria & Albert Museum.

1989         The Scottish Gallery, catalogue.

1988          Radio 4 ‘Enterprise’, Sept. 17 & 22.

1988         ‘The Manchester Prize’ video- film.

1988         Design and Detail, Tricia Guild, Conran/Octopus.

1986         New Ceramics, Peter Dormer, Thames & Hudson.

1986         Bridging the Divide, Crafts (May/June).

1986         The Guardian, Feb. 27.

1986         Designing with Flowers, Tricia Guild, Mitchell-Beazley.

1985         Saturday Review’ film, BBC 2, Nov. 2.

1985         Ceramic Review (Nov./Dec).

1985         ‘Tchalenko Eclectic’ Crafts No. 72 (May/June).

1984         Janice Tchalenko, A Potter who Decorates. Ceramic Series No. 2 Aberystwyth.

1984         A Woman’s’ Touch. : Women in Design from 1860 to the Present Day. Isabelle Anscombe. Virago Press.

1983         Janice Tchalenko, Ceramic Review, (March/April).

1983         ‘Making It’, Arts Council film, London.

1982         Put it on the Table. Crafts, 56 (Jan/Feb.). 


Exhibitions (selected. solo in bold)

2012          Domestic Matters CAA

2012          Table d’Artiste Helene Aziza Gallery Paris

2012          Tradition and Innovation CAA

2012          Helene Aziza Gallery Paris

2011          The Scottish Gallery

2006-07  The Scottish Gallery Summer Show

2005         The Scottish Gallery, Summer Show.

2003         Los Angeles Decorative Arts Fair. Dimont Gallery.

2003         ‘30/30/ Vision’, Crafts Council, touring.

2001         Collect, V&A Museum, with Adrian Sassoon.

2002        ‘Pattern Crazy’, Crafts Council London.

2001         Scottish Gallery Edinburgh, June.

2001         ‘An Industry of One’ Designer- Makers in Britain. 1981-2001. Crafts Council, touring.

2001         ‘Home Sweet Home’, British Council touring Scandinavia and Australia.

2000        Contemporary Applied Arts, London

2000        ‘British Keramic’, Grimmerhus, Denmark.

1998         Derek Topp Gallery, Rowsley, Derbyshire.

1997         Beaux Arts, Bath.

1997         Hove Museum and Art Gallery, showcase.

1996         ‘William Morris Revisited’ Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester touring.

1996         ‘Modern Antiques’ with Spitting Image workshop, Richard Dennis Gallery London.

1995         Winners of the Guild of St. George, Ruskin Gallery Sheffield.

1995         ‘Connoisseurs Choice; Scottish Gallery Edinburgh.

1995         ‘Teapotmania’ Castle Museum, Nottingham, touring.

1993         ‘High Table’ Craftspace, Birmingham, touring.

1993         ‘The Ceramics of Europe’ Keramik Museum Westerwald, Germany, touring.

1993         ‘Sixty Years of Pottery at Dartington’ Dartington Cider Press Gallery, Devon.

1993         ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ Janice Tchalenko and Spitting Image workshop, V&A Museum, London.

1992         Retrospective Exhibition, Ruskin Gallery Sheffield, touring.

1991         ‘Colours of the Earth’ British Council, India, touring.

1990         Craftshop, V&A Museum, collaboration with Richard Wentworth.

1990        ‘British Designs’ Tokyo Japan ..

1990        National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden.

1989        ‘L’Europe des Ceramistes’, Auxerre, France.

1989        ‘Out of the Woods’, Crafts Council , London.

1989        The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh.

1989         Galerie L, Hamberg, Germany.

1988         Sotherbys’ Decorative Arts Award, London.

1988        ‘Celebrity Crafts’ Usher Gallery, Lincoln.

1988         ‘Contemporary British Crafts’, British Council, Kyoto, Tokyo,

1987         Bohun Gallery, Henley on Thames, collab. with David Remfrey.

1987         ‘The Vessel’ Serpentine Gallery, London.

1987         Scottish Gallery Edinburgh.

1987        ‘Dart-Tchalenko Designs’ Midland Arts, Birmingham.

1986         Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamberg, Germany.

1986         ‘Neue Tendenzen der Englishe Keramik’, Kunstenhandwerk, Berlin, Germany.

1986         Kunstformen Jetz, Salzberg, Austria.

1986         ‘British Art and Design’, Kunstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria, C.O.I.

1985         Midland Group, Nottingham.

1985         BlumHelman Gallery New York, U.S.A.

1985         ‘Fast Forward’, I.C.A. London.

1985         Yew Tree Gallery, Derbyshire.

1985         Dienst Beeldende Kunst, Kruithaus, Holland.

1984         Aberystwyth Art Centre, Wales.

1984         ‘New Domestic Ware’, Crafts Council, London.

1984         Maya Behn Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.

1984        ‘Artist potters Now’ , Oxfordshire County Museum, and Sotheby’s.

1984        ‘British Ceramics for Czechoslovakia’, Prague.

1984        Westminster Gallery, Boston, Mass. U.S.A.

1983        Craftsman Potters Association, London.

1984        ‘Domestic Studio Pottery’, City Museum and Art Gallery Stoke on Trent.

1983        Bohun Gallery, Henley on Thames.

1983        Galerie Charlotte Hennig, Darmstadt, Germany.

1982        Prescote Gallery, Banbury, Oxfordshire.

1982        ‘Making It’, Crafts Council Gallery London.

1982        ‘The South Bank Show’ , Coracle Press London.

1982        ‘The Makers’ Eye’, Crafts Council Gallery London.

1982        New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham, Surrey.

1982        Craftshop, V&A Museum London. collab. John Hinchcliffe.

1981        Atmosphere Gallery, London.

1981        Craftshop, V&A Museum, London.

1980       ‘Sideshow’, I.C.A. London.

1979       ‘Homespun to Highspeed’, Mappin Art Gallery , Sheffield.

1978       ‘La Poterie Anglaise Contemporaine’, CC/BC. France, touring.

1978       ‘Carousel’, Crafts Council Gallery, London.

1977        Craftsmen Potters Association. London.

1976       ‘Domestic Pottery’, Crafts Council, London, touring.


Public Collections (selection)

Ashmolean Museum Oxford.

British Academy.

British Council , London.

British Museum.

Cleveland County Museum Service..

Contemporary Arts Society.

Crafts Council , London.

Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

George Wenger Collection , Stoke on Trent.

Glasgow Museums and Art Galleries.

Helsinki Museum of Decorative Art, Finland.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, U.S.A.

Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Germany.

Nottingham Museum,

Paisley Museum Scotland.

Scottish Galleries and Museums.

Sevres Museum Paris France

Shipley Museum.

Southampton City Museum and Art Gallery.

Stockholm National Museum, Sweden.

Stoke on Trent Museum.

Ulster Museum Belfast.

Victoria and Albert Museum.

Walker Museum Liverpool.


Present Design Work

Dartington Pottery Tchalenko Designs (now Grayshott Pottery)

Poole Pottery


Pryke/Tchalenko Designs

Royal Staffordshire Manufactory